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Yes, The Wanch is revered by many from the past as being THE place for ‘live’ music.

I applaud that vision. Gawd knows, Hong Kong needs a stomping ground to let the local Indie music scene kinda take baby steps as opposed to trying to change the face and sound of Canto-pap which, so many with old-time power still wield, but are looking at markets far and wide and where oldies with their facelifts keep going for one last botoxed hurrah.

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I get back to The Wanch.

Sure, it’s a great platform for all those who can play. And support them. But when I sit there recently and watched tinpot floosies gyrating next to fat expats after the music had stopped, I had to wonder about the joint.

Look, I have heard some good bands at The Wanch and also some mediocre bands.

Walk in- not too friendly- and it’s pot luck. We heard an ok singer with a make-shift backing back featuring a very cute Japanese bass player who has a daytime gig.

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What stood out was their cover of Muse doing, I Can’t Get My Eyes Off You.

My problem is this: Though I respect venues like The Wanch, they have not evolved and nada comes outta playing your arse in there.

That hooker will still be there moving her tail feather and ok music falling on deaf ears.

I was bored with the night, especially when seeing an expat hooker who’s been plying her trade in Hongkers for two decades.

Love the idea of The Wanch, but the joint has zero good vibes.

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