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Edward, let me be straight up: I hate you being labeled a “whistleblower”.

It makes no sense and makes you sound like a latter-day Benedict Arnold.

I look at you as a latter day John Lennon screaming to give Power To The People and Gimme Some Truth.


Now, Ed, I am pretty sure, I have actually met you at the Mira hotel which has never had more publicity than for your stay there and at a few low-key bars in Tsimshatsui and Soho.

Pity I haven’t seen you at the Happy Valley racetrack. Get in touch with me if you need to de-stress and enjoy a Happy Wednesday.

Let Julian Assante know about it, be my guest, and we can blow our whistles together.

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Mr. Ed, I’ve read your exclusive to the South China Morning Post, ironically, the day when that old media fox Rupert Murdoch and savvy wife Wendi Deng have announced their split. Well, played, Wendi!

Hell, didn’t you see that coming and politics and Murdoch’s Fox News and their role in American politics and the secrets they have? But I digress..

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Mr. Ed, forget the bollocks about little Hong Kong offering you “free speech” and as Dylan once sang, Shelter From The Storm.

Here’s what I think: America has hit panic mode because you know what the country has been doing to derail China as Big American Business is worthier about the world’s real super-power. Just ask Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.


You’ve played your political cards very well, you know what bombshells you have in your hip pocket, don’t let them go off and kick you in the arse and that’s all the protection you need.

Let’s have a beer and a chat.

Let’s then hit the races at Happy Valley tonight.