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Some people in Hong Kong have way too much money for their own. They also have shit for brains.

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This is why they are pigeons for those sharks selling them all things fake-wines, designer names everything and, of course phony people.

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Then there are those who are also in the business of selling horses to naive horse owners at quadruple their real prices.

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What is making headlines in Hong Kong- and China- today are accusations that art collector Chiu Tat-loy, is exhibiting work by the late master artist Fu Baoshi that are fake.

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The accusations are from the artist’s grand-daughter, Jenny Pat, and also an art expert.

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Despite being authenticated by various experts in China, Ms Pat is standing firm with her accusations, possibly knowing how anything can be bought, sold and authenticated in the Mainland for a price.

What’s more, various art forums have consistently accused Chiu Tat-loy of donating fake artwork and also continuing to exhibit work that is not kosher.

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Perhaps all this just might be one reason for the glut of art galleries opening in Hong Kong and designed to bring in China’s nouveau riche who are willing to pay billions in order to be seen of people of wealth and taste.

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Selling “face” is a big scam and a huge business that does not look like letting up anytime soon.

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In fact, it just grows and grows with vultures continually circling the pigeons.

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