There was a time when the jockey – trainer combination of Douglas Whyte and Dennis Yip were the Kings of the Valley – Happy Valley Racecourse.

Of course, “The Durban Demon” is still right up there when it comes to conquering that tight Valley track.

Dennis Yip also seems to do his best with his stable at the Valley.

The new Kings, however, of this truly idiosyncratic track is the combination of trainer Caspar Fownes and jockey Brett Prebble.

Who can forget their six-timer two seasons ago and which made the trainer break out intohis own version of The Moonwalk?

Or was it the Caspar Strut?

When it’s come to horses, Happy Valley has been proof positive that it all comes down to, yes, horses for courses.

For whatever reason, some horses simply run better at the Valley than they do at Shatin.

By the same token, champion trainers like John Size and John Moore seem to save their best for Shatin.

As for four-legged Happy Valley specialists, the one that immediately springs to mind is Noble Conqueror – trained by Fownes, of course and ridden by Prebble.

The horse is a bloody champion at the Valley and a total dud at Shatin.

There’s also that old warhorse that is Majestic Emperor who enjoyed its best years when with Fownes.

Recently, there has been Tai Sing Yeh. And Jumbo Gold.

Straight from the horse’s mouth – a jockey’s – we got his list of Valley specialists:

El Zonda

Ho Wongchoy


Oriental Courser

My Goal

Noble Conqueror

Jumbo Gold

Perfect Gear

My Way

Ho Ho Life


Amazing Venture

Chevalier King

Ride With The Wind

Leo’s Pride


This season, who do you think will be the Kings of the Valley?

Perhaps, somehow, somewhere, all this can dovetail into the annual CSL 1010 Million Challenge?

And if the brand has the budget, why not bring in some musical “Kings”- like Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonators?

Turn the CSL 1010 Million Challenge into something bigger and better.

At the same time, position and brand Happy Valley Racecourse as being The Valley Of The Kings.