I’ve written about it before and will keep writing about it until Hong Kong’s loony gendarmes get their priorities right.

(Source: Co2 Insanity)

Instead of barging into bars and restaurants, especially those run and owned by minority groups and hassling them about liquor licenses and for supposedly breaking sound ordinances, they MUST go and bust those Nigerian cocaine dealers doing business openly off Wyndham Street.

To be exact, their happy stomping grounds are at the top of the stairs which lead down to jazz club Gecko, the club Drop and popular Lebanese restaurant Marouche.

(Source: HK Asia City)

These pushers, who are here on refugee status, work this and the Lockhart Street areas in packs- and the packs are getting bigger where they pick a target and follow them offering a gram of Bolivian marching powder for HK$1,200.

How they are allowed to push their “product” so brazenly and right under the noses of the police- pun intended- is baffling and makes one wonder if these pushers are a “protected species” and, if so, who the puppet master is that’s pulling the strings.

(Source: Up Coming Horror Movies)