Is tonight going to be the day when Brett Prebble stands up and is counted again instead of being counted out and fobbed off as the forgotten man of Hong Kong racing?

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Prebble has been installed a 2 to 1 favourite in the Jockey Challenge and looks to have strong chances of grabbing points in races 1,2,3,4 and 6 with Cool Bean in race 4 and Flying Smart in race 6 looking to be his best chances.

If he doesn’t come away with at least a winner, Brett Prebble could be pebbles and Barney Rubble with the influential Chinese racing media going into over-drive as the jockey, no matter how well, he has ridden, has never won their support.

These are writers whose stories are followed religiously by local owners- and their gossipy friends- and which ALWAYS leads to conspiracy theories, stable changes and fuels the jockey merry-go-round into a Ferrari.

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So, do they like ANYONE?

This media blows hot and cold about Douglas Whyte until he starts riding his usual brace of winners while Top Of Their Pops these days are Zac Purton, Matty Chadwick, Tim Clark, Tony Cruz, Caspar Fownes, Dennis Yip, Olivier Doleuze and Richard Gibson, pictured below.

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What about tonight’s races?

Apart from John Size having a lowly Class 5 conveyance- his first in over two years- Race 1 is an absolute shocker and a good time to hit the bar at Adrenaline and steel yourself for race 3 where trying to find the winner is a pin prick job.

Things get a bit easier after that and with two jockeys to follow apart from Barney Rubble possibly being Andreas Suborics and Tim Clark who has strong chances in races 7 and 8 and a good outsider in race 3- tonight’s voodoo race.

(Source: Punters Paradise)

If in Oz, the Quaddie doesn’t look that tough- easy to say, but often, difficult to win.

Still with Oz, the piece on the site has many talking as it takes aim at racing’s sacred cows as Damien Oliver, members of the Racing Victoria Board, stewards and trainer Peter Moody.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, there are urgent damage control meetings taking place following the bombshell that the squeaky clean city is the hotbed for soccer fixing worldwide and the naming of Singaporean businessman Tan Seet Eng aka Dan Tan as the ringleader.

Dan Tan is also known to have interests in horse racing and has, over the years, “befriended” different trainers and jockeys riding there and in Malaysia plus has “periphery business interests” in Perth, all of which is something which is sure to explode into headlines like a Katy Perry song about Fireworks on bad acid.