The LOUDEST whisper doing the rounds is that Neil Callan is planning to extend his stay in Hong Kong AND could be riding here next season, full time.

(Source: James Boyler Racing)

Known to some other jockeys as “Rash” Callan, the rider is known for his somewhat “impetuous” riding tactics and which even made the cool, calm and collected Gerard Mosse come out with some fighting words.

Mosse was spot on; what on earth Callan was trying to do with Dan Excel after the race had been won was strange and, well, rash to put it mildly.

(Source: HKJC)

As for a possible entire season of Callan in Hong Kong, one jockey had the last word on this: “I hope it’s true. It will mean there wouldn’t be a good new jockey to worry about.” Ouch!

The last word from me: Has Brett Prebble lost the support of ANOTHER stable?

If so, rides are becoming extremely thin on the ground for the jockey in Hong Kong and with that memorable victory on Green Moon now just a fading memory.