I am sitting at the popular Spanish wine and tapas bar in Lower Elgin and weirdly named WTF for quite a “proper” restaurant and located right next to the Egyptian LOUDNESS of Sahara and the claps given by my friends Dodi and Hero.

Tonight, WTF is full but my eyes are on this local couple who have never ever tried Spanish food before but are taking their first lesson here.

He keeps instagraming the dishes and she keeps texting. What a date!

She tried the sangria earlier- very good- and spat it out and is now tackling the garlic prawns like one would Chinese drunken prawns. It’s not a pleasant sight.

At the next table, a woman has been going on and on about her problems with her vocal cords.

It’s all a bit like a David Lynch movie and what’s missing is a horny midget or Eraserhead.

(Source: Leninim Ports)

Welcome to a Monday night in Hong Kong- drab, no vibes and incredibly boring people.

Hell, having to deal with the kissy kissy shuck and jive of local socialite Bonnie Gokson would have been better.

No, I like Bonnie in a kinda John Waters way in that she is so out there even liposuction can’t bring her back to terra firma.

(Source: Crave Mag)

As for my Boomtown Rats rant, the only thing that mildly perked me up was seeing that this almost desolate area of Soho will soon have a Japanese and Mediterranean restaurant. How long will they last? Not long. Sorry, but it’s a fait accomplis.

Meanwhile, in this same le Rue Morgue area of Soho, Liquid Lounge which opened with a whimper and closed with a bang, remains boarded up.

Perhaps it’s true: the place really IS haunted as no business that has opened there has stayed open for long.

(Source: Open Rice)

As for those Indian investors who poured money into this joint and thought they could create a global franchise with the flaccid Joe Bananas brand and hoodwinked by a silver tongued Nepalese who ran away with the dish, spoon and millions, well, they’re still licking their wounds- and their Joe Bananas.

(Source: Hong Kong City Seekr)