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By Hans Ebert

As history has proven, Douglas Whyte is at his most lethal when he almost goes underground while others gloat that The King Is Dead and other rubbish from Team Zac in this pretty and petty political racing Twilight saga.

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One day- and it might be sooner than some think- all the dots- and tweets- and DMs- will tell a very interesting story and all those involved in this TRULY dark side of social media which has sadly deteriorated into gossip and half-cocked innuendos will be revealed.

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Douglas Whyte keeps his friends close and his enemies closer as every season he has had to deal with the same Mark Twainism: Rumors of my death have been widely exaggerated.

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Let’s never forget when nine winners behind Brett Prebble and he started banging in doubles, trebles and even four-timers as the Aussie jockey. already proclaimed King by many, suddenly hit a brick wall and abdicated.

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Whyte is a true professional and a fighter. He can smell fear and he plays to win.

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Let’s just hope that this is a fair fight and not played out in various aspects of today’s media.

This won’t be fair on Douglas Whyte and Zac Purton and racing fans- and the HKJC.

After all, action speaks louder than words and tweets and blogs.

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Let’s everyone now go to their respective corners, stop with those pointer/finger jokes which have run its course and enjoy this spectacle between two fine athletes unfold and where both jockeys, win, lose or draw will always be winners in my book.

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