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I was asking a jockey last week why UK jockey Neil Callan is nicknamed “Rash” Callan. He said it had to do with his “rash riding tactics” and how jockeys sigh a joint sigh of relief when he’s not riding in a race.

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This came to mind reading Gerard Mosse, an experienced and Group 1 winning jockey who has ridden around the world.

Mosse who won the Centenary Vase at Shatin yesterday aboard the Tony Cruz-trained Pure Champion, but copped a two-day suspension for his troubles for causing interference to the Callan-ridden Dan Excel placed second, does not seem to be the greatest fan of the pommie jockey.

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He was quoted in the Sunday Post talking about how surprised he was to see Callan pursuing an inside run so aggressively when the race was almost over.

I particularly liked this quote from the affable and usually unflappable Frenchman: “Even in a Ferrari, the second horse couldn’t have reached me at that stage.”

Il e’st merde, oui, mon ami?

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And another race day in Hong Kong ended yesterday with Brett Prebble drawing a blank and seemingly destined to slide down the Jockeys Premiership table.

The question is why there is this sudden lack of support?

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Yes, Caspar Fownes supports his old mate, but not nearly as much as he supports Zac Purton to topple Douglas Whyte’s stranglehold on the Jockey Premiership.( Let’s not forget that the Whyte-Fownes relationship ended a few seasons ago.)

Then, there’s John Moore who seems to be relying on Weichong Marwing, Rash Callan and Tim Clarke instead of his one-time Go To jockey in Brett Prebble who has also lost all support of the Dennis Yip stable. Yip was once Prebble’s biggest supporter.

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The bigger question is this: Does Brett Prebble really care?

Hong Kong has made him a better jockey- a world class jockey- and a very rich man. He can return to Melbourne anytime he wants and ride for a savvy operator like Lloyd Williams and give Boss, Nolan and Craig Williams a huge run for their money and also enjoy a better lifestyle for his young family.

It was only a matter of time before he left Hong Kong.

Perhaps he has fast forwarded that date?

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