You just know that Hong Kong’s goose is well and truly cooked and cocked up when the Government approves the erection of a statue of the bird at a cost of $1.2m- and this objet d’art turns out resembling a duck. Yes, what the duck, indeed.

(Source: The House News)

This bizarre idea of creating this statue came from some daft politician and was meant to be a tribute to the goose dish which made this area of Hong Kong famous.

(Source: NIPIC)

The city’s bruised and battered Chief Executive CY Leung gave the budget two thumbs up.

Perhaps our Chief Executive should be a Chef Executive?

At least then, having egg on the face nearly every day would be part of his gig.

(Source: Voa Cantonese)

Now comes that tiresome game of passing the buck and with this mangled goose statue as big as a fucking double decker bus going to be “modified” so that the neck is longer, the beak is more pointed etc- and at extra costs to the public who were never even consulted on this stupid waste of money.
Yes, we’re well and truly ducked, fucked and our goose is really cooked.