Hong Kong, February 1, 2013: Singer-songwriter Ben Semmens from Wales has signed an exclusive Management contract with Hong Kong-based Fast Track Global Limited and which sees the Company entering the world of entertainment.

“Ben is a very special talent I have always believed in,” says Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of We-Enhance Inc and Fast Track Global which owns racing lifestyle site www.fasttrack.hk

“Getting to know him, personally, and seeing him perform ‘live’ plus working with him on music in the recording studio, it was logical that we form a partnership.”

Added Semmens, “Hans and I have known each other long-distance, but finally meeting him in Hong Kong, knowing his track record as a music executive and the artists with whom he has worked plus the perfection he seeks in the studio, made this partnership a no-brainer.”


Ebert has solid plans for Semmens starting out with a completely newly recorded version of an original written by the pair which is based on The Serenity Prayer.

The song is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon and his and Yoko Ono’s ongoing campaign for Peace.

(Source: Breezi Way)

The track was recorded in Hong Kong at 18fortyeight Studios and co-produced by Ebert and Tom Brown.

For more information, contact info@fasttrack.hk