By Hans Ebert

We watched the latest video block blog from Aussie jockey Chris Symons getting fit for his comeback to racing and a few things crossed my mind:

1) This is a superb piece of edutainment for casual racers and armchair racing critics as riding to win in a real race and traffic coming at you from all directions and you in the driver’s seat of a thousand pound beast is not a game of cowboys and injuns. It requires being a great athlete.

2) It introduces us to The Birdman and, potentially, racing’s only caped crusader and a super hero to take on Iron Man- but without all the armour.

(Source: Heroes 69)

3) It makes my old mate Michael Rodd sound like Batman’s scholarly father and the Golan of racing.

(Source: Punters Paradise)

4) All that pushing and pumping shown by Chris Symons is a new way for losers- and even studly dudleys to get laid. Women will get hot and heavy and weak in the knees watching all that pumping action.

(Source: G4 TV)

Chrisso, leave a few for those who are only capable of pumping the air. Ta, mate. See you back in the winner’s circle and where you belong.

(Source: Racing Victoria)