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There’s this quaint expression called “a special conditions race” which in plain English means a race for horses which have run a number of placings but are still to win a race this season.

On Wednesday, two such horses, both with excellent records for running places compete in race 2 – Heartland and No Ties.

Trained by Peter Ho, Heartland is owned by the Good Time Syndicate which is managed by Pato Leung, one-time manager of local pop bands called The Loosers who became The Wynners and who raced the horse Heartline some years ago.

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Heartline won at its first start in Hong Kong at huge odds when trained by Tony Cruz and did very well under the trainer.

Alas, Pato Leung is a very hands-on owner who became so unbearable by even wanting to have a say in the feed that Tony Cruz threw horse and owner out of his stable.

Heartline then went to Paul O’Sullivan for a couple of seasons before being beset with injuries and finally retired.

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From what we remember, Heartland was first with O’Sullivan before being moved to Peter Ho who has rejuvenated the horse which has a placing to John Moore’s Rewarding Hero to its name.

But after, the miserable effort of that galloper over the weekend, we’d pass on Heartland this Wednesday, especially from that draw of barrier ten and despite the Zac Attack being on it.

We cannot wait to see now known as Doctor Pato Leung giving riding instructions to Zac!

As for No Ties, at least it ran right behind Little Cow which did very well on Sunday, it’s drawn a decent barrier and with Alex Lai in the saddle has a very good winning chance.

But in a sport where it’s horses for courses, horses that have performed well in Shatin don’t necessarily take to the tight Happy Valley track.

For us, wherever they end up, we think No Ties will finish ahead of Heartland.