By: Harry WTF Punter

With the new Hong Kong racing season starting on Sunday, here’s what I think you should be doing when it comes to playing the game.
If you wish to play with a hundred dollars, forget about betting win/place on a horse. If it only places, the odds are that you will either lose, break even or make chump change.
In Hong Kong, there are a number of opportunities to bet on what are called “exotic bets” such as the Six Up, Double Trio, Triple Trio, Treble etc.
For this post, let’s concentrate on two of these bets – the Treble and the Six Up.

To win the Treble, you need to find the winners in the last three races of any race meeting.
If you have got the two winners and your choice in the last race comes second, you are entitled to a consolation prize and which could very easily pay around HK$5,000 – IF you have included some “value” picks in your bets.
Here’s where it gets a little tricky: If you include one horse in each race and all are favourites, you would be lucky to get back HK$200 for your HK$10 bet. Maybe even less.
What I suggest is taking three horses in each of these three races with two of these always having some value – not something at 99 to 1, but a horse at, maybe, 8 to 1 or 12 to 1.
The more “value” horses that come in, the bigger the payout.
So how much will it cost you to take three horses in each race for an outlay of HK$10?
Think of it like this: 3 X 3 X 3 = HK$270.
Wish to cut this down to only two horses per race and the equation is 2 X 2 X 2 = HK$80 for a HK$10 ticket.

Plus, if you wish to save a few bucks, you can take this bet for a HK$5 ticket.
If you want to take FIVE horses in each race, well, this means 5 X 5 X 5 = HK$1,250 for a $10 ticket or HK$625 for a $5 ticket.

The more choices, the greater the outlay.
I suggest staying with three horses per race or, at most, four horses: 4 X 4 X 4 =HK$640 at either HK$10 or HK$5.
The other value exotic bet is the Six Up.
The Six Up always operates on the last six races of the card.
The objective is to pick a horse or horses that MUST finish either first OR second.

No, coming third will not do.
If all your picks even only come in second in all six races, you will still win the regular Six Up Consolation prize.
The ONLY way to win the Six Up Bonus is if your picks finish FIRST in ALL six races.
If this happens, bring out the bubbly and take the day off from work.

Or, you might not even need a job – at least not for a few months.

Like the treble, the more horses you put into your Six Up bet, the more your outlay.
For example, if you pick 2 horses in each race, the equation is 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = HK$640 for a HK$10 ticket or HK$320 for a HK$5 ticket.
Need help making these bets?

Go to any of the helpful staff at the betting windows – but give yourself enough time to do this.

Do NOT wait for the last minute to go up there and have your ticket filled out for you.
Go 10-15 minutes before the Six Up or Treble races start, watch and learn how these tickets are filled in.

Then, try doing this yourself the next time at the races.  
More info and tips on how to win to come in the days and weeks ahead.

Good Luck!
One thing: ONLY bet what you can afford to lose and NEVER “chase”- meaning, NEVER try to win your money back by betting bigger and bigger and ending up betting more than you can afford.
Horse racing is a fun sport and game and one must always approach it this way.