By Hans Ebert

My Mum was known for her corny jokes. One of her favorites was “Mangos where womangos.” Geddit? Mangos? The fruit?

(Source: Mango)

Anyway, corny or silly, it is a very simple marketing strategy for attracting people to a bar, restaurant or a racetrack: The prettier the women in one of these places and men are attracted to it like horny toad frogs with magnets on their backs.

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Guess, it goes all the way back to Adam and Eve and neanderthal men. Think about it: Walk into a club, bar and restaurant and see some “ordinary sorts” and you leave.

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After all, you are judged by the company you keep and, sadly, Hong Kong is not exactly overflowing with “good sorts” unlike Mainland China, Europe, the UK, Brazil, Eastern Europe or even the sarong party girls of Swingabore.

(Source: Phuket News)

It’s a desert out here with much arid land. Or is it?

Well, at Happy Valley racecourse on Wednesday, we continue to see and meet girls we never see in all those meeting places in Soho, Lan Kwai Fong and the glut of clubs down Wyndham Street where guys jostle to get to the front of the queue. And almost always fail.

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Last Wednesday, we met some amazing girls- smart, attractive and not full of the BS Factor- and from all around the world.

They also have that thing called Class unlike those “honeys” who ply their trade at Neptune’s, Amazonia, Escape, Fire House, Players etc- interesting places to visit but not to stay.

Same goes for the overrated dragon-i, Fun, Play, Hide, Rack and Magnum, all filled with desperate lemmings.

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The best kept secret in town: A Happy Wednesday night at the Beer Garden of Happy Valley Racecourse and where mangos goes where womangos and with plenty of very ripe womangos there for the picking.