The Champagne Bar at the Grand Hyatt in Wanchai was once upon a decade, THE place to meet and be seen.

(Source: Life Style Asia)

Movie stars, singers, upmarket ladies of the night, the racing community and music executives could be seen there on any given night.

Then came the ban on smoking and The Champagne Bar lost its fizz and emptied out.

Today, on most days, it’s like being out in that desert on a horse with no name.

We wandered in there on Sunday with singer-songwriter Ben Semmens from Wales who is visiting town and asked him to just go up onstage with his guitar and sing a few songs. After all, there was no one there.

And you know what? Sure, people make any venue or even country and so does music.


The chilled out acoustic music of Ben was a welcome relief to female lounge singers in slinky dresses singing the usual chowder of standards we have heard for the past twenty years.


There can be life yet in that old dog that is the Champion Bar with the right ‘live’ music and which will be far better than seeing this iconic venue limping along like Le Rue Morgue with C Grade “jazz” singers.

(Source: Last)