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Over the past two months, Fasttrack has been conducting a survey to find out who are Hong Kong’s most popular racing personalities- and also those who simply don’t make the grade.

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Those interviewed have been seasoned punters and casual racegoers. It all makes for interesting reading.

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Most Popular Hong Kong Racing Personalities.

(Source: Caribflyer)

1: Douglas Whyte

Once a Champion, twelve times a Champion

(Source: The Punters Forum)

2: Zac Purton

Always ready to launch a Zac Attack!

(Source: SCMP)

3: Tony Cruz

Hong Kong legend

(Source: SCMP)

4: Matthew Chadwick

The new Tony Cruz

(Source: SCMP)

5: Umberto Rispoli/Tim Clark

The New Kids And Guns In Town

(Source: IPPICA Biz)

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6: John Size

No games -and always plays to win.

(Source: HKJC)

7: Richard Gibson

World class trainer

(Source: SCMP)

The Most Unpopular Racing Personalities.

(Source: Ask The Nice Guy)

1) Apollo Ng

Bad judge of everything and know-it-all of nothing.

(Source: Wiki)

2: Brett Prebble

Blows hot, cold and lukewarm.

(Source: Herald Sun)

3: Natalis Chan/Bennett Pang

Show-offs even there’s nothing to show.

(Source: Sina)

4: Andy Leung

Amazing how he has continued to be a trainer!

(Source: SCMP)

5: Gary Moore

One-time Champ and now Chump.

(Source: Guardian)