By Hans Ebert

There are so many who are clueless when it comes to what it takes to be a jockey.

It’s more than just jumping on a horse and saying, Hi, Ho, Silver awaaaay! No, Tonto, it’s much more than that.

Enter jockey Chris Symons from Oz.

(Source: Punters Paradise)

Before a very freakish accident sidelined his career for a while, Chris was riding the crest of a wave and banging in winners like the gifted rider that he is.

But shit happens. And it doesn’t have to slow you down. It certainly hasn’t slowed Chris down.

Whilst recuperating, he has made some truly edutaining video blogs that are humorous, always entertaining and also educational and informative.

Wherever in the world you are, these videos can be shared and enjoyed by race-goers and especially those new to the racing game.

Will there come the day when Hong Kong-based jockeys like Dougie Whyte or Zac Purton might appear in videos with Chris Symons and do things using social media which many racing clubs are incapable of doing? You bet.

Jockeys and horses are the main attractions at races.

It’s now 2013 and time for jockeys and trainers to communicate with race-goers instead of depending on blinkered racing executives to do this job for them.

It’s all part of the ongoing paradigm shift where the balance of power is changing every day and where those, especially in charge of racing in Oz, refuse to see. Or cannot see.

(Source: ICIS)

To them, I ask this: Take away the main attractions at any race meeting- the jockeys and trainers and horses- and what do you have?

Homer Simpson and Sideshow Bob?

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