Some restaurants in Manhattan have banned customers from taking instagrams of their food saying this new trend ruins the “ambience” of the venues and is irritating to those around them.

(Source: Online WSJ)

Well, I am uncertain if this “food porn” ruins the ambience of a restaurant but I do find it irritating in a weird way to see many in Hong Kong jumping on this trend and clicking away.

Are these people average customers? I doubt it. The city is inundated with foodie bloggers aka The Great Unemployed and an avalanche of glossy magazines on cuisine that are given out for free. How they make any money beats me.

All these people need content to fill up empty spaces and my bet is that those clicking away are these bloggers who manage to get some freebie meals by announcing, “I am a food blogger”.

(Source: Bell Urramki 18)

Frankly, I’d show these freeloader the door and put a stop to village bumpkins snapping away.

(Source: Tumblr)

Meanwhile, the little Kebab House opposite the Lebanese restaurant Marouche and next to Drop where pretty young drunk things stumble through the night and more and more Nigerian dealers sell coke at HK$1,200, continues to do a roaring trade.

(Source: Open Rice)