He heard voices listening to “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles when on acid and which “told” him that there will be a “revolution in America by Blacks”.

He befriended Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys by supplying him with drugs and girls who were his followers.

This friendship led to the Beach Boys recording one of his songs on the flip side of “Bluebirds Over The Mountains.”

Some in the group said it was “a shit song, but which we recorded as he was a creepy little man.”


He was supposedly promised a recording contract by Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day and the then-producer of the Beach Boys.

He reneged on the supposed deal and left town and rented out his home.

Whatever happened to Melcher?

Melcher’s home is to where “Charlie” sent his followers who went on a killing spree thinking the record producer was there.

Sammy Davis Jr was meant to have been at a party held at Melcher’s house along with a number of others.

Those who didn’t included Actress Sharon Tate, the eight-month old pregnant wife of Director Roman Polanski.

Polanski had just completed filming the movie “Rosemary’s Baby” where a young, newly-married girl gives birth to the Devil’s child.

In a drug-fueled killing spree, Manson’s followers slaughtered everyone at Melcher’s house including Sharon Tate.

Even his eventual arrest and trial became a circus.

The man played the role of the court jester.

And he had complete control of his female followers.

They were there to be used and discarded.



Years later, along with Susan Atkins, “Squeaky” From me, one of Manson’s most loyal followers, nonchalantly mentioned how Tate had begged them to save her child.

But they still cut it out of her womb.

They then scrawled the word “Pigs” across the walls.

All of Hollywood went into hiding.

For years, Charles Manson has been up for parole.

Every time, it has been turned down.