My friends and I found ourselves at a joint in Jaffe Road on Wanchai called Splash.

(Source: Open Rice)

Splash was a dump but we went in as it was an Open Mic Night and as we had a real overseas recording artist with us, we thought it would be good to hear sing a few songs. Bad idea.

(Source: Short Fat Dicator)

What we got were two old black guys onstage and so self-indulgent they were performing with their heads up their arses and with the singer going on and on and trying to pick up a Filipina in the audience with his corny adlibs.

(Source: Lile Mo Kid)

Lines like, “You like the taste of chocolate” made me cringe. So did, “Want some American sausage?” The Filipina and her gaggle of friends found all of this hilarious. Hey, it WAS Wanchai and where most girls will laugh at any for a free drink.

(Source: Guy Sports)

When the “open mic session” became a closed show and the old boys launched into a gawd-awful reggae version of Wonderful Night, we left.

It’s guys like this- washed up geezers playing the black card too overtly- who give musicians a very bad name.