The latest most popular venue in Soho? A new French restaurant? Italian? Spanish? Indian? Danish? Korean? Japanese? Mannylito?

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Nah, it’s a brand new and huuuuge 7-11 where Soho Junction used to be. Remember that Soho Junction was shut down for a combination of breaking the sound ordinance and liquor licensing problems.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the bar was pressured into closing by the local gendarmes as there was a long-term plan for 7-11 to move into this prime location.

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In fact, it’s sad, sinister and quite fucking surreal that 7-11 has all the prime locations in all of Soho and Lan Kwai Fong.

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Look, I am not complaining and neither are my friends as it makes life very convenient, but it’s very bad for Hong Kong nightlife when you have to say, “Babe, let’s really live it up tonight! Let’s do some late night shopping at the new 7-11!”‘

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And you wonder why the nightlife in Singapore is making Hong Kong nightlife look more dead as a doorknob.

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Remember where the Liquid Lounge in Soho used to be and, before they went bust, where there was The Melting Pot, before that a gay bar and before that, the bar called Liquid?

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Well, I heard last week that place is bloody haunted- not great news for the bloke who has taken over the venue to turn it into a Brazilian restaurant.

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Speaking of the Liquid Lounge, it was strange to see the Nepalese bloke who had talked a group of Indian investors to put in stacks of money to open up that bust from day one back in Hong Kong.

He had also sweet-talked these newbies to the go-bust F&B word to invest in other busts like the Joe Bananas Lounge- the former Ashtray- and that graveyard for washed up gweilos that is Joe Bananas.

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The rumour mill was going haywire with the news that this bloke had done a runner back to Nepal, built for himself a mansion and was living it up.

But when I spotted him, he looked a very worried man as he sat there being grilled by a very large Indian man. No, it wasn’t Balu Chanrai.

What happens next could be an offer he can’t refuse.

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