While the racing was a tad on the dull side and with various on and off track dramas taking place, Welsh singer-songwriter Ben Semmens was wowing them at Adrenaline, the club at Happy Valley Racecourse.

With saxophonist Blaine Whittaker sitting in on soprano sax and flute, Ben showed the audience what Hong Kong lacking: Someone who can really sing. His laid-back versions of “You Are So Beautiful” and a stunning version of the Eurythmics’ “Would I Lie To You” had diners stopping to listen along with the waitresses taking a break to listen- and gasp.

Ben Semmens seriously has one of the most pure voices around and with the addition of Blaine Whittaker’s flawless sax work, the duo just might have created a new genre of music that combines pop with folk and jazz.

Returning to play Adrenaline next Wednesday, Ben will also be making impromptu appearances around two over the next two weeks before beginning recording sessions.