Q1: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now? Or what would you like to do instead?

I would differently be working with animals for they are a passion of mine, maybe in a Zoo

Q2: If you could sleep with anyone, who would it be? No better or worse halfs allowed!

Livinia Nixon

Q3: Three fave songs of all time?

All of Nirvana, Hotel California Eagles, Patience Guns & Roses

Q4: Three fave actors/actresses?

Heath Ledger, Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie

Q5: Five fave horses?

Might & Power, Fields of Omah, Silent Witness, Apche Cat, Americain

Q6: Three best jocks?

Craig Williams, Douglas Whyte, Brett Prebble.

Q7: What does horse racing need to get a younger crowd?

Excitement, Entertainment, get the crowd involved

Q9: Think racing can be a cool sport? How?

Yes, We need more profiling of participant, More free to air coverage, more mainstream