(Source: Mooly Hacker)

Welsh singer-songwriter Ben Semmens plays his first gig at Adrenaline at Happy Valley Racecourse on Wednesday.

In the middle of a bidding war with three labels, Ben has one of the most pure voices we have heard in many a full moon and is a truly gifted songwriter.

Having released his own DIY album last year which was recorded in North Carolina and produced by Ben Thomas who works with the legendary James Taylor and son Ben Taylor, Ben- so many Bens around!- will be recording a few tracks in Hong Kong, one being a re-recording of Serenity which will be turned into a duet with singer Tess Collins.

This song has hit written all over it like a rash on a baby’s bottom and will be a much more stripped down version to the original recording.

Apart from Ben, Wednesday sees the start of The Great Cocktail Challenge featuring some of the most popular bartenders from some of the most popular bars in Soho, Wyndham Street and LKF creating cocktails named after some of Hong Kong’s Kings Of Turf.

After yesterday’s wins by Glorious Days and Gold Fun, the odds are that these will be two of the more popular cocktails being tasted by those on track plus winning jockey Dougie Whyte and winning trainers John Size and Richard Gibson.

(Source: HKJC)

(Source: HKJC)

Adding to this Happy Wednesday, will be the trio of Justin, Sarika and Natalie finding out more about Happy Wednesday and keeping everyone edutained.


One BIG tip: Adrenaline and Gallery are certain to be full, so make your reservations today by calling 3690 3690.