By Hans Ebert
Chairman and CEO
Fast Track Global and WE-Enhance Inc

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While the sporting and non-sporting world have now seen the Oprah-Lance Armstrong interview where two opportunists cheated the public- again- others, as the video below shows, are coming outta the woodwork for their 15 seconds of fame.


What puzzles me is how Sheryl Crow has distanced herself from all this and why the voracious appetites of the media has left her alone.

After all, Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong were the celebrity couple de Jour for around two years- she the former backup singer for Michael Jackson who had dated Eric Clapton and had become a successful artist in her own right and him having battled cancer, beaten it and had made an incredible comeback.

Remember Oprah fawning about him years ago and giving away those yellow STRENGTH wrist bands for Armstrong’s charity to herbfawning audiences who once believed the talk show host could walk on water?

(Source: Telegraph)

Again, I ask and wonder how much Sheryl Crow knew about living with a serial cheater, why she broke up with him so suddenly and if- just if- the real truth is in one of her song.

No, the truth is out there about Lance Armstrong and I believe Sheryl Crow knows it all but is too much of a lady to get involved in airing dirty laundry.

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She’s won her own battle against cancer, she has moved on and closed the book on Life With The Cheater Man.

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