Twitterdom and horse racing have its good sides- an almost overload of information at your fingertips- but, alas, social media is also being plagued by one of horse racing’s greatest threats: Pettiness.

It’s where the same old cliques from Singapore, Oz and Hong Kong and groupies who want to be part of everything ‘cos they are John Lennon’s Nowhere Man join in the chatter and twitter and make right dicks of themselves like Desperate Housewives in heat.

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It’s both pathetic and funny albeit in a tragic way to see all this exchange of gossip and realize just how tiny the universe of many in racing are and just what soggy samosas they are along with being intellectual midgets.

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Here a clique, there a clique, everywhere a clique clique and a total lack of priorities and professionalism.

It is a cultural disease that has stunted the growth of horse racing through the dreaded green eye monster and, sadly, is now has new mediums to spawn and multiply like evil gremlins.

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For me, Sunday At Shatin is a pakora of a priority with the running of The Stewards Cup and the Classic Mile, the ongoing duels between The Zac Attack and The Durban Turban and Ambitious Dragon and Glorious Days and a cameo appearance by the great Felix Coetzee.

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What more can one say about The Cat that hasn’t been said before- and long before tweetering by twits?

The man is timeless, ageless, so tough in a finish and rides to win. His exploits with the great Silent Witness live on.

Win, lose or draw, it’s great to have this brilliant jockey in Hong Kong and Sunday at Shatin will be sunnier seeing that familiar Coetzee smile. Fuck, I sound so gay the racing tweets will get a horn.

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Then look at the other horse power lined up for Sunday including a massive septet of runners from John Moore The Merrier in The Stewards Cup in an attempt to break what looks like a mortgage on this race by Ambitious Dragon and Glorious Days.

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Looks can be deceiving and big kudos to Tony Millard for dismissing future plans for his champion. It’s all about the Now in racing and getting ahead of one’s self can see the best laid plans come-a-cropper.

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In the Hong Kong Classic Mile. Richard Gibson’s Gold-Fun will start a short-priced favorite.

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Though Dougie Whyte has jumped the Punjab and the Grand Canyon like Evil Kneivel on amyl nitrate to ride this exciting galloper, let’s not overlook John Size’s trio of runners- Happy Era with Mosse up, It Has To Be You and the very interesting runner lurking at the bottom- Endowing, a rare ride from Size for Umberto Rispoli.

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Sunday At Shatin is going to be a very special day- a day where, if in the business of promoting racing, jealousies and pettiness and silly gossip should be shelved for at least a day.

Is this possible, boys and girls?

Let’s make Sunday rock and roll and shine on a Hong Kong which is a city in Change and currently led by a Chief Executive who has inherited the garbage left behind by his predecessor and is also no Einstein.

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On Monday, the usual suspects from the Hysteria Lane of racing can go back to sending in the clowns along with the trolls and having a right old bottle of whine.

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