My friends and I are huge racing fans and also enjoy a good cocktail. Remember how some years back, Tom Cruise made mixing his cocktails sexy in the movie “Cocktail”?

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Well, cocktails are making a comeback at the races at Happy Valley on the 23rd and 30th of this month when nine bartenders from some of the city’s most popular watering holes concoct their own cocktails based on the names of Hong Kong’s leading equine superstars- Ambitious Dragon, Glorious Days etc.

Outlets participating are Zinc, China Bar, Havana Bar, Restoration, Sahara, Yorkshire Pudding, Nico’s Spuntino Bar, Staunton Wine Bar and Cafe and Stormies.

Taste these cocktails at The Beer Garden, Adrenaline and The Gallery at Happy Valley Racecourse, vote for your favorite, and make it an even happier Happy Wednesday.

Thinking about horses and racing and bringing racing- and the new generation of racegoers- and Hong Kong nightlife together, we have a few ideas.

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Why not, for example, have the Pastry Chef at Harlan Goldstein’s Michelin Star restaurant that is Gold create a dessert named after Hong Kong’s new rising star of the turf- Gold-Fun?

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Why not an Ambitious Dragon Night at- where else?- dragon-i? It’s all cross-promotion.

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An Umberto Rispoli Set Dinner at any of the five-star Italian restaurants in Hong Kong? Niccolini’s at The Conrad?

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A Have A Zac Attack Night at our fave new restaurant in town-Restoration which serves great New Orleans cuisine and THE best fried chicken we have tasted.

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The list of marketing ideas are as unlimited as one’s imagination. It’s all up to taking off the blinkers, looking at a half-full glass and realizing that it’s 2013 and that all industries and businesses cannot plod along saddled with insular thinking.

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We all need new ideas and new partners to drown the sound of one hand crapping.

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