We were chatting amongst ourselves the other day as to who is our favourite Rock photographer and how it has been them who have made Rock fashionable by giving their work such style.

Most agreed that it was Annie Leibovitz and who has always had a free pass to shooting her subjects in any pose she wanted them to be in – Lennon, naked and in that fetal position with Mother Yoko.

All those shots she took of the Stones. Jerry Garcia. Jim Morrison. All those Rolling Stone magazine covers. A Stoned out Stone named Keith.

Somewhere along the way, there was the work of the late- and somewhat neglected- Guy Peellaert’s “Rock Dreams” which wasn’t photography, but was such a beautifully surrealistic and trippy work of art and style.

There was also his “20th Century Dreams”- which was stunning and almost disturbing stuff.

Check out the work of Peellaert and also check out Rock Paper Photo and the interview with Tom Murray.

It covers one of the most creative years for the Beatles and when so much changed and when they changed themselves and their music.