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Tongues were wagging like a dog licking its balls on a hot summer day after Saturday’s racing- and not about the ongoing dueling banjoes of The Kid and Whitey either. More on that later.

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Nah, the Chinese racing telegraph was tapping away and up to their armpits in crocodiles and biting in their criticism of quite a few rides of an Aussie jockey who has been riding as if asleep at the wheel for way too long this season.

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His once infamous string of bad luck slow starts on hot pots a few seasons ago have given way to a more laid-back approach to race riding and where even 10-pound claimer The Dick Boy- Louie Lui- is showing more whim and vigor in getting them home.

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When is the town sheriff- Kim “Suspenders” Kelly- gonna haul his ass in and have him ridden outta town? Hee Haw!

We’ll be there with the tar and feathers and also can’t wait to see the back of Uncanny Neil Callan- a nice enough bloke but nicknamed “Rash” by other riders for obvious reasons. He’s all over the place.

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Mercifully, “Rash” is suspended and holidaying in Bali at the moment which means it’s kinda safe out there. As Lawrence Olivier asked Dustin Hoffman in “Marathon Man”, “Is it safe?” For a while, yes.

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“Suspenders”, did, however severely pound Frenchie Doleuze on Sunday over what the hell he was doing on expensive first-starter Akeed Mofeed while The Three Amigos kept repeating from their echo chamber, “It should have won, it should have won, don’t you think it should have won?, I think it should have won.” And then just to make sure, Slim asked Pickens and Gopher, “I think it should have won.” Gawd bless ’em.

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Yes, yes, it should have won and is definitely one to follow along with the stable of its trainer Richard ” Tex” Gibson.

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Tex” is proving he’s no flavor of the month. He is a world class trainer and an astute judge of good horse flesh. Miss JoJo ain’t so bad either and we predict he’ll take over the town next season.

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Now, if only those gremlins at Adrenaline, the popular saloon at Happy Valley, actually gets to know who “Tex” is and doesn’t charge him for coming over with his posse and trying to help promote the place.

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Speaking of recognizing people, who is some Irish bloke named David Duggan who now works in the Big House at 1 Sports Road and sends sweetie tweets to Whitey?

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We’ve asked some of the toppermost of the poppermost at The Big House and they are none the wiser about who DD is either.

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Not that he is one, of course, as we don’t know this new kid in town, but often, all those headless chickens running around at The Big House really cock things up by being busy trying to look busy and paid big bucks to achieve, well, not much. It reminds us of those jokes about how many Polish people it takes to screw in a lightbulb: one to screw it in and 149 to give the thumbs up.

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At Happy Valley on Wednesday, that gawdawful sponsorship idea called the CSL 1010 Million Challenge rears its dumbass head again and with the entire local posse out there as clueless as Alicia Silverstone as to how it works or why it should matter.

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The only one who knows about this bloody daft idea is the brand’s head of marketing- Big Mark Liversidge. He must enjoy playing Quasimodo and ringing that big dumbbell every time they drag this deadbeat concept out.

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Ding dong, Big Mark, anything in there other than flogging a dead horse to death? Sponsor the Jockey Challenge or jump aboard the dueling banjoes of The Kid and Whitey, pardner, and turn 1010 from zero to hero.

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On the subject of the dueling banjoes, Deliverance and the smoke signals are telling us that Sunday is the day when Whitey will come roaring back and firing on all cylinders.

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Wednesday? What happens happens and we’re betting that Whitey will get a couple of winners from this group of rides- Sight Lover,One Of A Kind, Rainbow Fighter and possibly Mega Champion- while the Kid doesn’t have much to get too Yeeeeehaaaa about. But those Zac Attacks are not Fun N Games and nothing to fob off.

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One thing to also remember is the Trainers Premiership duel going on between “Casino” Caspar Fownes and John “Sizey” Size.

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When you think that “Sizey” uses Whitey for most of his winners and “Casino” is turning more and more to The Kid these says and not Black Brett Prebble suddenly The Quiet Man of Hong Kong racing, well there are so many showdowns going on, one can end up shooting themselves in the foot, but still enjoy themselves.

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