Forget all those shee shee restaurants and those countless steakhouses. Check out a place called Kebab House.

Okay, so it’s not a restaurant and not Club, but it serves some damn good food- curries, bryani, kebabs etc- and has quickly built up a regular customer down the same street that houses Drop, Gecko and Marouche. Oh, and those rancid Nigerian pushers who have somehow found refugee status in Hong Kong.

As for Kebab House, it has a brilliant  location and food in a venue that has flopped for two to three other business but either flopped or closed up due to a greedy landlord and constantly spiraling rents.

Speaking of rents, surely the most idiotic idea has come from Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive: 300 square foot “apartments” to be made available for HK$1 million. This doofus MUST go!

(Source HKCNA)