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I just woke up and went straight to the mirror and smiled. I then smiled again and kept that smile while I packed early for my trip to Dubai.

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Smiling is one of many beauty secrets coming out in my spanking- Mmmm- new book called Cumani My House And Be Gorgeous Like Me.

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I wanted to just call it Gorgeous but my publishers insisted that I stick my name in there? Why? Someone there doesn’t know me? Hahaha!

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I smiled a lot at the Magic Millions for all the yobs perving at me. They are only human, right?

On my birthday I wore a little brown number with a slightly plunging neckline and which also showed off my tanned arms and I could hear the heavy breathing. And I don’t mean from the horses. Hahahaha! I can be so naughty- but never haughty!

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Good grief, I guffawed with Gai at some of the crap some people bought! I love Gai. She smiles a lot, too and is also gorgeous.

We are thinking of starring in an AbFab type of tv series about two gorgeous and smiley women who love horses more than men and travel around the world meeting shiny happy smiley people. It can be sponsored by Colgate.

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Dammit, I should be a global ambassador for Colgate! That would mean my microphone could say CCNN- Colgate CNN.

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Well, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go to Dubai and then back to London for some polo. I really need to whack some balls around. Hahaha. More naughtiness but never haughtiness.

It’s a tough life and I always need to be on my toes though I adore wearing flats. Did you get that joke? I am not just a pretty face, you know?

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Ta Ta for now and keep smiling, keep shining cos that’s what bon amis are all about toute le monde, mon petit choux.

Franny C