Heavy is the crown that wears the head and tomorrow for all you Whyte people, I will put the metal to the metal and try to get amongst the wieners and stop that Aussie sausage of a whippersnapper from getting too far away.

Fuck me, the wife’s been on my arse about “unlucky 13” for weeks and how she can’t face people anymore cos I’m not riding wieners.

SHE can’t face people??? Silly cow! What about ME, Whyte People? Think it’s been fucking easy trying to look cool, calm and uncollected?

Hell, I WANTED to get suspended so I can have some fucking peace and some time off to get my batteries discharged.

My rides tomorrow? Fuck me, have you seen the barriers I have drawn- 13, 11, 10, 35, 42 etc- and when riding topweights!!! People are always creating barriers for me, my adoring Whyte people!

Think that Fownes guy will give me any rides? Ohhhhhh no, he won’t! He wants to put barriers in front of me! Will he join me for a curry? Fuck no!

As I have said, heavy is the crown that wears the head but I’ll be out there doing battle and wearing some very silly looking blouses.

I must ask Mr Bill if I can be allowed to wear my Paul Smith shirts. See? I can’t even wear what I want to! More fucking barriers placed in front of me.

Heavy is the crown that wears the head.