There was a time when Hong Kong had a smattering of female Chinese jockeys, but after the fatal accident of one of these riders, the plug was pulled on this idea.

Senior world class jockeys who ride in Hong Kong’s competitive environment ride to win and often see young male apprentice jockeys to be a nuisance, so imagine riding and being focused, yet having to be mindful of frail female jockeys getting in your way.

Though the UK, Oz, the US, might have good strong riders like the amazing Hayley Turner and the recently retired Chantal Sutherland, both pictured below, Chinese girls are quite frail and also are not that interested in being jockeys.

Having said this, we can see the day when China will manufacture a new breed of female jockeys who, like the country’s female swimmers, will be more than able to mix with the boys. They won’t be pretty, but they’ll be tough.

In Oz right now, every State has a new generation of young female jockeys, many of whom are excellent- especially Jenny Duggan, below, Jackie Berriman, Jamie Kah and Tegan Harrison.

Jamie and Tegan are our favorites- two highly promising young riders who have great balance, think quickly and are very strong in a finish. They’re gonna go very far.

Not that they are old, but these girls are the successors of established female jockeys in Oz like Michelle Payne, below, Linda Meech, the excellent Kathy O’Hara, Nikita Berriman McLean and others from that particular generation of riders.

This latter group are far from finito and are riding their share of winners, but Jamie Kah and Tegan Harrison are very special and we are huge fans and followers of these girls.

Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to chat with them here.