Competition between various restaurants is always fierce despite the outward smiles and back-slapping which is usually done with daggers.

The latest weapon used in these wars for patronage is to call a competitor’s restaurant and reserve a table big enough to feed the forty thousand, something which has affected our favorite restaurant in Hong Kong- Restoration which serves up excellent New Orleans cuisine and has an excellent wine list.

The restaurant located at 63 Wyndham Street, First Floor, has been the victim of these pranks to upset their reservations three times in the past few weeks and have now put in new security measures to stop this pettiness.

The real problem for anyone doing this to Restoration is that business is so darn good that even tables falsely reserved are quickly filled.

The night we were there – a quiet Monday and when many other restaurants were as arid as a desert, Restoration was packed.

Why? How?

Simple when the team clicks- and we hope this one keeps clicking as it serves great creative cuisine- always good- and has some of the best service in town- smart, friendly, helpful, communicative and staff who seem to genuinely enjoy what they are doing and not grumpily standing there as if the world has ended.