As many racing fans in Oz and around the world will tell you, Gai Waterhouse, daughter of the legendary TJ Smith, is the First Lady of Australian Racing and the country’s greatest ambassador for horse racing by never being shy for a quote to the media and where every one of her horses can win.

What’s wrong with confidence? Even over-confidence? It won’t be a Gai Day without a Gai Quote to give you whiplash and make you go, Huh?

So, what else makes Lady GaiGai tick and tock? Here’s our Top 10 List:

1) She’s quite mad and makes The Mad Hatter seem saner than Alice- and what a trippy little girl she was!

2) Lady GaiGai is as crazy as a fox. We love the way she can bash knobs with a smile and a few tough words which still sound polite.

3) She thinks jockey Neil Paine is a good singer and is yet to tire of his horrendous version of Bony Marony.

4) She makes grown men shake, rattle and roll.

5) She and owner John Singleton have a very surreal relationship and is what happens when the mountain doesn’t come to Mohammed. Or something like that.

6) We can see it now in the Queen’s Birthday Honours: Dame Gai Waterhouse.

7) Like Mother like Daughter: Kate Waterhouse. Gorgeous, fashionable and smart.

8) With his new deal, son Tom Waterhouse is no fool either.

Watch him go Public with a stock that will soar like Pierro in full flight.

9) She is surrounded by a great team that includes Natasha Kent, below, and her classic hot water bottle chapeaux.

10) She has a fabulous blue-ish grey blouse which can give Francesca Cumani’s pinkish flats with the little bow a run for their money.Sorry, unable to find photos.