Is she a very shrewd businesswomen who needs her army of fans to keep her “brand” going or is she a warm, fuzzy, wuzzy, skuzzy, giving caring artist.

Is she truly this musical renaissance person or a transparent and unoriginal fraud who makes Cher look like Dylan?

Does she have any other songs inside her or was “Paparazzi” it?

Is she really Polaroid’s “Creative Director” or was that a bit of hype for her and a dead brand?

Does she need to wear a Meat Dress and arrive inside an egg to make her “music” heard?

Does she have to appear as a man to get her photo in the newspapers – and has the media tired of this trickery?

That last bit of self-promotion barely caused a ripple or even a pimple.

Do you prefer this version of “Born This Way” to the Gaga “original” and which sounded like an old Madonna hit, anyway?

Guess what we think?