We love it when people embrace social media- but don’t just make it clutter- and make the medium creative channels.

With this in mind, we love it when sportsmen use social media in clever ways.

Rio Ferdinand uses social media in ways that have created a multi-media business for him- and his football mates.

Jockey Chris Symons had a freakish accident last year- and not during a race either.

While being laid up, he has been looking at all aspects of social media and using it in creative ways.

He is hardly a genius in using all the mediums available- but, on twitter, for example, he is not tweeting crap. That’s what Facebook is for- mates talking to mates.

Below are a few things Chris has produced to keep in touch with his fans and for the world to get to know him and what he’s about as a Global Citizen.

Love what you’re doing, mate. Keep pushing that creative envelope! Make yourself heard!