I managed to sneak this photograph of a group of Nigerians sitting at the top of the steps that lead to popular late night venues like jazz club Gecko, club Drop and Lebanese shisha restaurant Marouche.

So what makes this group of Nigerians so special? Well, they openly sell drugs- heavy drugs- and right under the noses of the police.

How? Why? And how did get into Hong Kong when we all know how Filipinas, Indians, Thai and other ethnic groups are harassed and made to look like lepers by Hong Kong’s Immigration Officers at the airport?

On a more positive note, opened for only six weeks is an incredible little curry and kebab venue on the street that has quickly become very popular.

And why not? The curries, the kebabs and bryanis are delicious and real value for money.

With rent said to be over HK$80,000 a month and the low prices of their dishes, I just hope that these small-time entrepreneurs are not driven away while the Nigerian pushers are allowed to carry on their rent-free druggie business.