They’re all coming to Shanghai.

Earlier this week, Scarlett Johannson was there for a Moet Chandon Party.

We never thought she has such short, stubby legs.


In December, the Beckhams will be in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, on the 18th of this month, 30 Seconds To Mars performs at The Black Rabbit Festival.

It’s a very weird lineup which includes Yellowcard- jeez, they’re still going on? – the ubiquitous Ludacris and the legendary Grandmaster Flash.

Now, The Grandmaster, we respect!

On a more “local” level, are Titus Andronicus, Perfume Genius, Gold Panda, and le crème de la crème of Chinese Rock including Carsick Cars and punk pioneers PK14.

Hebe from the girl group S.H.E. will also be performing.

Other acts to be featured include rapper Saigon (prominently featured in Entourage!), local Rastafarian  Uprooted Sunshine, and techno crew Otakrew.

Looking at this lineup, all we can say is, WTF????!!!!!