It’s just so bloody crowded out there.

So what do you do to stand out?

Sure, play good music, but “good music” and good music are two very subjective things.

Same with good music and great music and sorting out the chaff from the wheat is no easy task when you’re constantly bombarded with so much shit coming at you from so many sides.

It’s why MySpace became Dump Space. There was no filtering process.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the Eh, it all went up there and with the good often buried or sandwiched with the rest until it became, Eh.

And this is where The Manager walks in and takes over.

As always, a Manager must be like a dog with a bone: Find something they believe in and keep pounding down the doors until being allowed in so others get behind it.

That’s what the great Andrew Logo Oldham did for the Stones.

He was young, brash and streetwise and he created that whole “war” between the Beatles and the Stones.

He instigated that whole “Would You Bring a Rolling Stone to Meet Your Mum?” PR bump- and which the-then fledgling UK Rock press lapped up.

This same relentless and undivided belief in his band was there for all to see in the relationship between Brian Epstein and the Beatles.

He took the other route: Epstein took the highly-medicated Hamburg scruff out-talk them, put them in suits and made them loveable Mop Tops.

He bought them respect along with television appearances and ‘live’ shows.
His “boys” did the rest.

Imagine how Epstein’s must have felt when Decca turned down his little rock band from Liverpool.

Imagine how Decca- and those involved with turning down he Beatles- must still feel like today? Knobs.

But Brian Epstein never gave up: He kept pounding on those doors.

Mark Stein is the type of guy you’d like on your side if a band.

And the UK’s Rev 78 is lucky to have him as Manager.

Plus we really like their song “Love Ain’t Here”.

We can “hear” how this song can be extended and arranged and produced to be something quite powerful.

Even an epic.

Love Ain’t Here – Official MV

Will Rev 78 “make it”?


Depends on one’s definition of “making it”.

Well, we think they will.

If they don’t, it won’t be from lack of trying.

Friends, Roaming Countrymen and all those who are trying to create a vibrant music scene again without any knobs and Barbarians at the Gates, lend Rev 78 your ears.