As a cricketer, Aussie Shane Warne will go down in history as one of the world’s greatest spin bowlers.

What he could do with his “flipper” had to be seen to believed.

Off the pitch, “Warney” was known for other kinds of “flippers.”

He was said to be a serial rooter.

He was caught on tape- as they all do.

Yet, his wife forgave him and took him back.

Next, he was caught by his now ex-wife sending “sexy texts” to different women.

In a moment of texting bad luck and downright carelessness, one of his “sexy texts” meant for some nurse ended up being sent to his wife.

Not a good move and remember this: Always look twice before pressing SEND.

Back on the pitch, he ballooned to Orson Welles proportions.

And then, when his hair started to thin, he got himself a hair-weave.

When he retired, he started to endorse McDonald’s.

He must have believed in the product as any weight he lost, he put more on and became a McWarney.

Then recently he met Actress Liz Hurley, someone said to devour men and change them into groveling little boys.

Their romance was hardly a secret.

They seemed needy all the time they were together.

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Who could blame Shane Warne?

We ask all you men out there: If they could, who could keep their hands off Liz Hurley?


The woman oozes sex!

Then, suddenly, Shane Warne appeared looking almost unhealthy.

He looked like he belonged in the series “Queer Eye For A Straight Guy.”

Was this a tummy tuck?

Was this a facelift and a tummy tuck?

Was all this done in the name of love?

Gawd knows, but, Warney, mate, get back to eating those Big Macs.

And start sexy texting again.

You’re looking bloody awful.