Why? Well, for gawd’s sake, just look at her!

Watch Francesca walk, watch Francesca pose, watch Francesca ride, watch Francesca speak.

Cumani, now! You STILL don’t get it??? Of course, you do unless your name is Tommy and are a deaf, dumb and blind kid who sure plays a mean cornball.

The daughter of leading European horse trainer Luca Cumani, Francesca Cumani doesn’t just possess glamour cover looks. She has brains, she knows the ins and outs of racing and is the new breed of racing journalist which today’s racing industry desperately needs as she “comes” at the sport from a new and different time and place.

She also brings a presence to any racecourse in the world- a confidence and- this is very key- brings the one-time of Sport Of Kings to the big new untapped female market to which racing has been promoted in a half-assed manner even by the few women in marketing in the male-dominated, bully boy and all-boys club of way too many racing clubs.


We hope her schedule allows her to be in Hong Kong for the International Races where she can take in both Happy Valley’s Happy Wednesday International Jockeys Challenge and the races at Shatin in her role for CNN and look forward to seeing her and the team lead in Mount Athos when it wins the Melbourne Cup tomorrow.