K-Pop is the latest rage with its breezy, vapid songs and quasi dance beats, but it has also seen the sudden suicide of many who either never made it, or made it and were then discarded for being “too old”.

This whole K-Pop industry and phenomenon is factory-made and churned out via a very Willie Wonka-type of rigid conveyor belt.

It’s where teens audition and go through 4- 5 years of grueling rehearsals before they are finally deemed for “stardom.”

The question is how long will this stardom last and what happens to those left behind?

Behind the well-rehearsed smiles and carefully choreographed moves, this is all a discipline far worse than what Joe Jackson inflicted on his kids.


K-Pop is a huge global business- surgically-enhanced K-Popsters- Korea is the Mecca for makeovers- and who are taught to perform like singing, dancing Japanese Manga comic heroes- and are only as good as their ages. Unlike the song “Fame,” they’re not gonna last forever.

As far as Western fans are concerned, Japanese, Korean- who cares?

Certainly not the army of fans that K-Pop has quickly gathered in Europe and where Scandinavian Pop writers are now blending Korean lyrics with Euro Cheese Pop.

This is what AQUA could be today.

And if their management had any brains, they would ride on the coat-tails of this business.

But, DO they have brains?

Lene from AQUA might not be the world’s greatest singer, but her voice on a K-Pop recording can breathe some life to another possible comeback by the helium-voiced singer and her Danish cohorts.

A good friend of ours recently wrote, “I’m sitting with 40k Japanese girls watching a selection of Korean pop acts under the SM Town Management umbrella (Tohoshinki, Shinee, Girls Generation, F(X) etc) for four hours … I saw Shinee in Paris and at Abbey Road and they had huge fan bases of local girls at both venues. SM Town sold out 6000 each night in Paris … Also just saw another Korean girl band, T-ara at the Girls Collection fashion show and their single is very catchy/cheesy… a possible novelty hit even in Europe. The K-Pop thing is spreading to China also..and there are gigs coming up in Peru (again!) andMadisonsquare garden (10k) for the SM Town bands!”


This is all well and good and their cheesy music makes everyone happy.

However, we cannot help thinking that there’s a master and slave “relationship” happening here.

And we cannot forget the spate of suicides.

K-Pop might be good and cheerful and innocent on the surface.

But we keep seeing a Korean Joe Jackson in the background and aided and abetted by Faust.