With the music industry having been destroyed and become some weird hybrid of a showbiz and merchandising industry, its made those who once were musicians become entrepreneurs.

Today, what is passed off as being “music” is, in many ways, an excuse to sell their lines of clothing, shoes, headsets, perfumes etc.

Pharrell Williams, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Fiddy, Diddy- or whatever he calls himself today- Gwen Stefani and her l.a.m.b. brand, Rihanna, Gaga Goo Goo, the Bieb, they’re out there flogging something.

“Selling out?” What “selling out”? That went out with “Dylan going electric.”

Today, “selling out” is actually buying in, baby.

As for sports stars, they usually stay within the “confines” of multi-million dollar sponsorship deals.

Take David Beckham, for example. Just how many brands does he endorse apart from being a brand himself?

Soccer stars, basketball stars, tennis stars, golf pros, they are all walking endorsements for the likes of a Nike or an Adidas.

Now comes Maria Sharapova.

Okay, she’s injured and her game might have gone to pot- but which is not to say she’s not worth a few million quid.

Plus, she had taken her mighty forehand and is now serving up a range of her own products.

Having a sweet tooth, amongst these is Sugarpova, sugar-coated gumballs in the shape of, well, tennis balls.

Interesting to look at certainly though we have yet to taste Ms Sharapova’s balls.

And to think that all Anna Kournikova has to show for all her toil and trouble are some cameo appearances on one of those horrible Enrique Iglesias music videos.