Possibly the biggest surprise of all was Joshua Ledet being voted off “American Idol.” He looked to have it in the bag if we were to believe the judges.

Frankly despite the judges wetting themselves over the guy, all his histrionics and “gospel soul” which earned him the nickname “Mantasia” as it reminded many “Idol” followers of the same histrionics of Fantasia Barrino, the guy always reminded me of a poor man’s Otis Redding.

Sure, he was a very good performer in a Vegas shtick manner, but my other problem was wondering what kinda record he would make and if it could ever be truly listenable.

This Season, it’s now come down to the final two- Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips- and with Joshua being sought out to be a- huh? – male stripper.


Will America “allow” a Filipina to win “American Idol” or will all those with way too much time on their hands use their folks’ credit cards and vote non-stop for the All-American Boy?

Though I have the same problem- and I have many problems- of wondering what type of records these two contestants will produce as all we have heard is them singing karaoke covers, my vote will go for Miss Sanchez.

Technically, she has an incredible voice and as long as whoever is producing her debut record doesn’t have the 16-year-old make an “old soul singer’s” records- a curse which befell the-then 15-year-old Joss Stone- all will be fine. What the hell is happening with Joss Stone today, anyway? She had and probably still has so much going for her, but she has completely fallen off the radar. Perhaps she wants it that way.

But what a darn sexy young mama, she is!

As for Phillip Phillips, I really have no idea or interest in what type of record he will make.

He is the Lee Dewyze of this Season who will probably win and then be forgotten about by the end of 2013. Why? Here’s my Top Ten as to why:

10) He’s an average rhythm guitarist who pretends to play lead guitar.

This bugs me as it reminds me of Bryan Adams who faked “his” lead guitar breaks.

9) He’s been watching too many John Mayer videos.

8 ) He wants to be John Mayer.

7) He can never ever be John Mayer.

6) When he tries to sing looking so “earnest”, he looks like he desperately needs to hit the can.

5) Other very average “Idol” talents like Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen (?) and David Cook are far better than him.

4) He might- gawd forbid- record a duet with John Mayer or else open for Mayer.

3) Like John Mayer, he might start dating “older woman” Jennifer Aniston, which would really piss me off.

2) Like John Mayer he might start dating Taylor Swift, which would be Okay, I guess.

1) It won’t be fair on Jessica Sanchez who really should win this Season’s “Idol.” If not, it’s an unfair world.