Many of Hong Kong’s haunted houses are said to house spirits from the days when the Japanese occupiedHong Kong.

This was a very hard time for Hong Kong when women were dragged out and beheaded by Japanese troops and nuns from St Paul’s Convent dragged out, brutally assaulted and bayoneted to death.

Some claim to have seen these nuns- bloodied and decapitated- others have seen an injured Japanese general and with many talking about “the evil presence living in the haunted house on Ship Street”.

Located in the Wanchai area ofHong Kong, this house has been locked up for decades.

The locals will not even go near it as they have heard that many evil things happened in this house during World War 11.

There’s a huge padlock on the door and no one could tell us who owns the house or the property it stands on.

And with property developers buying everything of space available in Hong Kong, no one seems to wish to “disturb” whatever lurks in this house.

On the 30th of November 2003, Oriental Daily News, as well as many other local Hong Kong newspapers; covered a story about a group of eight middle school students who attempted to stay overnight on the Nam Koo Terrace property.

It was said the students wanted to catch a glimpse of the supernatural ‘ghosts’ that have long been rumoured to reside in the historical building. According to the report, three of the female students were seen to have become emotionally unstable, claiming to have been assailed by a ghostly visitant.

Later, police sent the three girls to hospital to receive psychiatric treatment. In the days following, local people in Hong Kong thronged to Nam Koo Terrace en masse and the house continued to dominate the headlines of daily newspapers for some time.

The blog below gives you some idea of the evil emanating from this place whereas even when we took our own photographs of the house, it was with very nervous hands holding onto the camera.