She’s timeless, ageless- though 78 and totally fearless.

Watching her take control over E!’s “Fashion Police” series, she makes her much younger panelists look old-fashioned and even prudish.

She’s quick on the draw and no one knows what to expect from her.

She calls them as they fall and many do.

When commenting recently on a dress worn by Heidi Klum, co-panelist Kelly Osborne was admiring “the big slit” that ran down the middle of it.

Rivers came back with, “Well, anyone who is married to Seal would have a big slit,” a reference to the supermodel’s marriage to the very “studly” Black singer.

Everyone was gobsmacked.

Had she really said what they thought she had?

On the same show, she has talked about the size of Jennifer Lopez’s arse calling it a “drug mule”.

She has bitch-slapped dresses worn by everyone from Actresses Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

No one is safe from her barbs.

Sometimes crass, always outspoken and with a couldn’t-give-a-fuck attitude, the documentary, ” Joan Rivers a Piece of Work” is well worth checking out.

Watch it and tell us, isn’t she a real- very real- loveable- piece of work and one who is truly unique?

Maybe not to you, but let us know.