This summer’s transfer sagas in the red half of North London are finally over, red rover…

Both exit deals were signed, sealed and then they departed- that is, the players.

Cesc Fabregas is back with his boyhood club Barcelona and Samir Nasri has taken the money trail and has joined the oil-rich light blue half of Manchester to the tune of £175,000 per week (tax-paid) deal.

Arsene Wenger is left abandoned by two of his most prized prodigies.

Our bet, however, is that his feeling of abandonment won’t last long.

So, after 14 consecutive years of qualifying for the Champion’s League and with no more Cesc ruling the midfield and with no more Nasri – providing creativity and space down the flanks, could this mean no more Champion’s League for Arsenal next season?

Tell us if you’re on the ball and what you think?